expo in Galerie De Bottelarij

One summer long, the Bottlery of Wellen bottles an extraordinary exhibition of Pieter-Jan Peeters, Ilse La Monaca and Lydie Vervecken.
The artists weave more than 3000 beer bottles in impressive light installations and this way; they reincarnate the nineteenth century brewery of Saint-Rochus.

The ‘moving conveyor belt’ of yesteryear pulls through the renovated site as never before with projections, video, graphical assemblies, monumental drawings and even takes one of the installations literally through the ceiling, with hundreds of bottles of the brewery Ter Dolen.

By filming and photographing the installations Pieter-Jan Peeters produces an enormous amount of images, which he incorporates again in graphical arrangements. Foliar winding of prints on transparent paper are placed in small clear boxes. The recognizability and the realism unfolds in a process of perishableness with sensitive drawings as reflexive elements.

The exhibition is one of the selected Parallel Events of Manifesta 9, the European Biennale for contemporary art.

The beertheme continues in a program of beertastings, workshops, cinema and guided visits with the artists.

Click here for watch the video 'Spriit in a bottle (Dutch)

9 June / 30 September 2012
De Bottelarij, Ulbeekstraat 21, 3830 Wellen-Ulbeek